Publishing: eLearning

Zambian Pharmacist

Pharmacist in Zambia reviews dispensation records. © 2014 Gareth Bentley/SCMS, Courtesy of Photoshare

This module discusses eLearning--specifically, development of online courses--as an example of the "Publishing" type of KM approach. The module is based on the Knowledge for Health Project's twelve years of experience managing the Global Health eLearning Center, a premier online learning destination for global health and development professionals. This module covers:

  • An instructional design approach and examples for effective eLearning content;
  • Key components of an eLearning course;
  • Purpose statements, high-level learning objectives, and course outlines;
  • Roles and responsibilities of an eLearning team; and
  • Important aspects of developing a timeline for an eLearning project.

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